The premium platform to win attention
Adludio is the AI-powered platform that delivers interactive mobile advertising.

By using data to design your ad creative, and algorithms to optimize your campaigns, Adludio makes sure you win the battle for brand attention.

With interactive ad creative

Get audiences touching, tapping and swiping to drive deeper brand engagement. Adludio uses AI to give you performance-optimized ad creative in just 2 days.

With intelligent media buying

Build a winning bidding strategy that saves you money and secures better placements, using Adludio's unique media buying algorithm.

With innovative machine learning

Adludio's machine learning algorithms optimize bids, score inventory, and apply computer vision to understand which individual creative features to adjust to maximize performance.
Selected Case Studies
Chanel partnered with Adludio to develop a mobile-first sensory creative that affluent and luxury audiences could engage with when visiting premium websites.
9% Engagement Rate
19% Click Through Rate
Netflix partnered with Adludio to create and deliver an engaging creative that generated high engagement and interest.
36% Engagement Rate
25% View Through Rate
90,000+ Shares
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600,000+ Views
450,000+ Interactions
90,000+ Shares
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