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for brand attention
Adludio is your brand's unfair advantage. Harness the power of AI to give you high-performing creative and campaigns that guarantee better brand engagement.

Guaranteed outcomes

Unleash AI-designed ad creative that’s guaranteed to drive brand awareness, uplift, and purchase intent.

Actionable insights

Access realtime analytics and recommendations, then take full control over your ad campaigns inside one easy dashboard.

Modular product

Build your own bespoke Adludio package, and only pay for the features you need. Change and upgrade anytime.
Impress clients with powerful campaigns
Adludio is your agency's secret weapon. Deliver data-driven creative and AI-powered campaigns that give your clients maximum bang for their marketing buck.

Satisfy clients

Get fast, AI-powered design that meets client needs and guarantees both engagement and performance.

Simplify media

Enjoy a combination of winning bidding strategies and optimal traffic sources powered by our media algorithm.

Manage campaigns

Access one intuitive dashboard to track, measure and optimize campaigns, all with managed support.
Add valuable new services,

and extra revenue streams
Adludio strengthens your service offer and revenue potential. Offer clients a range of innovative tech and tools that make you essential to their long-term success.

Add value

Offer Adludio’s valuable services to clients, streamline your current workflows, and add new revenue streams to your business.

Drive innovation

Enhance your client projects with Adludio’s continuous innovation across mobile creative, media buying, and machine learning.

Access support

Our dedicated team of experts help you understand the product, get the most from it, and respond to requests around your needs.