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Managed Creative

Intelligent Service
Get realtime insights into performance, from how people interact
with campaign creative to detailed campaign reports.

Attention and engagement metrics in one dashboard

View detailed data around how, where and when users are engaging with your ads. Beyond the standard metrics, you'll understand how people interact with your creative so you can make more informed decisions to increase engagement.

Performance predictions and realtime recommendations

More than just an overview dashboard, AdInsights uses AI to give you valuable input on how to get more from your creative and campaigns. These are based on historical data and realtime analysis, and all within one window.

Brand impact metrics and benchmarking data

Measure upper-funnel metrics such as brand impact, awareness, sentiment, memorability and more. These are gathered using AdInsights' Brand Impact Optimiser (BIO) tool that collects user feedback via mini questionnaires.
Your AI-driven Campaign Optimization Platform
Ad creative is the most powerful element in mobile advertising. As data tracking and transparency become stricter, attention-winning creative is your competitive advantage.

Ad creative optimised using data and AI

Adludio's Creative Intelligence platform enables brands to make data informed decisions around ad designs. Driven by analysis of the best-performing ad creative based on years of brand engagement data. Our creative optimization algorithm predicts future performance by analyzing image and text metadata to drive brand performance.

Sensory interactions across all types of ad units

Get audiences swiping, tapping, touching, playing and engaging across all types of ad units. From gamification to product exploration, Adludio builds cut-through creative that wins you attention.

Powerful ad innovations and app integrations

Impress users with innovative ad creative that harnesses the interactive power of shoppable units, voice activation, lead generation, magnification, gamification, Google Maps and much more.