Adludio launches AdSapiens
Apr 23, 2024

Adludio launches AdSapiens, a first-of-its-kind AI platform that automates ad design, optimization and tracking

New York. 23rd April. Digital advertising firm Adludio has launched its new product AdSapiens, offering the only end-to-end AI-powered campaign platform for brands. Leveraging AI, AdSapiens enables marketing teams to plan, build, and execute campaigns within a single dashboard. For the first time, brands can gain data-driven recommendations on how a campaign could be optimized mid-flight, enabling marketers to balance performance and marketing budgets in real-time.  

AdSapiens is powered by Lorenzo, the name given to Adludio’s unique, proprietary AI platform. Lorenzo uses AI, Machine Learning (ML), Large Language Models (LLM), Computer vision, and historical data to understand how an individual consumer responds to all aspects of an advertisement. This includes everything from creative objects,  text, animation, use of color and all within the necessary brand guidelines and compliance. 

AdSapiens’ Campaign Recommendation platform gathers data from thousands of past campaigns to power its algorithm, scoring hundreds of markers to analyze best practices for an individual advertising unit. 

Ian Liddicoat, CTO of Adludio, states: “We’re immensely proud of the one-of-a-kind platform we have built. Harnessing the true power of AI, we’re helping brands demystify advertising creation, performance, and optimization. For the first time, the launch of AdSapiens allows brands to create the best ad possible, using powerful, data-backed algorithms at a level of detail and speed of creation that has never been seen on the market. The advertising sector has been stubborn to much-needed innovation; through AdSapiens, we’re confident we can enact widespread change for brands’ advertising regardless of platform, advert type, or geography. Using the AdSapiens platform, our clients can conduct campaigns with the assurance that their advert is the best it can be and will understand why this is the case.”

“We’ve experienced the power of AdSapiens first hand, having used the platform to meet our sales objectives for half the cost of previous campaigns,” said Calum Hutchison, CEO of Leaf, the household cleaning brand. “Using AdSapiens hugely increased our campaigns delivery speed and the level of granular optimization and ongoing data analysis is exactly the solution we require to ensure our advertisements engage potential customers in the best way”. 

“The shared vision of Adludio to revolutionize the speed, scale and effectiveness of digital advertising has led us to this point,” comments Chris Allan, CEO of Adludio. “Through AdSapiens, we’re bringing previously impossible functionalities and insights into what constitutes a great, objective-smashing advertisement. The ability to action campaigns at pace and optimize them just as fast is a huge step forward for our industry, which has long desired more concrete evidence of effectiveness. We’re excited to offer our valued customers the most complete, powerful, AI-enhanced advertising solution on the market. The whole team is looking forward to seeing the brilliant campaigns our clients produce using the AdSapiens platform”.